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Signage and Interpretation

Pedestrian Signs

Signage (technically, the word doesn't exist, but it is so widely used, it sort of does!) can be placed independently of interpretation and, indeed, it often is. However, we believe that it is possible to create a "knowledge network" of signage and interpretation which guides visitors and helps to provide them with the best possible experience.

Although both interpretation and signage are typically aimed at visitors, it is not uncommon to hear after installation - "I didn't know that" or "I didn't know that was there" - from the locals!


In landscape terms, interpretation is a way of improving the understanding, enjoyment and awareness of users of a site or destination. Pre-requisites of usable interpretation are that the designer:-

  • understands the qualities and features of the site
  • has good graphical and writing skills
  • knows how to "pitch" the message to be informative but accessible

Naturally, we believe that these are the qualities that we bring to any project, inherent in our training and experience as landscape architects.