2B's position on Coronavirus

In a nutshell, we are working and communicating better than ever from our home office(s) and can carry out site or field work. The following explains our position.

We have all been knocked back by the effects of Coronavirus - its implications for society as a whole and for our loved ones. Quite apart from the serious health issues, the economic implications are enormous and will be long-lasting. As well as meeting professional obligations to our clients, we recognise our role in the planning system and in the wider economy. Our attitude is, therefore, in line with UK government thinking. Wherever businesses can safely continue to work, it is important that they should do so.

In our case, landscape architectural work typically requires occasional site- and field-visits, supported by desktop activity. The latter constitutes the greater part of our time and outputs.

Improved Communications

2B has always worked from a home office. We have a small number of staff - four in total. It has been relatively easy for us to adapt to full home working, as three of us, in effect, were already working from home.

In response to Covid-19, we have improved our communications and data sharing abilities so that we can be in touch instantly over the media of chat, audio or video. In fact, the crisis has encouraged us to focus on communication improvements that have been overdue. We are able to host Zoom meetings, so if this would help with you projects, let us know.

Incidentally, we have produced what we hope is a helpful Blog on Video Conferencing, here.

Site visits are possible

Since site work cannot be carried out from home, it is clearly acceptable to travel to site for survey work. There are, however, practical and health issues. Bill, as Vice Chair, with other members of the Landscape Institute's Technical Committee, has been involved in informing the LI's position on this matter. Importantly, site work must be subject to risk assessment, taking into account the particular issues raised by Coronavirus, such as the likely levels of contact with people or objects, for example at shops, filling stations etc.

This indicates that it is more feasible to visit 'local' sites (which can, for example, be accessed in a day) and which allow social distancing rules to be maintained without difficulty. Longer-distance travel would be both contrary to the principles and purposes of the lock-down and likely to necessitate higher levels of contact, for food purchase, accommodation etc.

Local service

What this means in practice is that, with appropriate precautionary measures, we are prepared to travel to sites which we can access within a day - that means most of Yorkshire and neighbouring counties. We can do this without lone working because 2B's directors also share a home - we are the two Blackledges! - and can therefore safely travel together.

If you need landscape assessment or similar site evaluation, or you are a more distant landscape practice that would benefit from experienced landscape architects in this area, please get in touch. We would be happy to review your needs and to help if we can.

Who are we?

Our friendly, talented, and attractive team offer professional consultancy in all aspects of Landscape Design, Landscape Assessment and 3D Visualisation, across the UK.

2B Landscape Consultancy Ltd is an LI Registered Practice of Chartered Landscape Architects, based in Yorkshire.

What do we do?

Established in 1998, our wide variety of high quality projects ranges from large-scale LVIA to detail design, through masterplanning, sustainable drainage, community engagement, and everything in between.

For a quick introduction to what we do, look at the menu above to see the Sectors that we work in and the Services we provide.

What is a landscape architect?

For those who haven't come across Landscape Architecture before, think of it this way: as Architects are to buildings, so Landscape Architects are to the landscape or external environment. We work at all scales - domestic to regional. Our clients range from national and regional utility companies to highway and local authorities, industrial and commercial landowners, developers and community organisations.

What do we stand for?

We believe that everyone has a right to a beautiful, inspiring setting for their life: at home, at work or at play. Our aim is to help to make it so. To sum it up in three words:- People - Place - Planet.

We hope that you enjoy browsing this site, and that you find it to be a reflection of 2B Landscape Consultancy itself: professional, well-informed and easy to deal with.

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