Heritage and Landscape

Heritage and landscape are inseparable in the UK. Every part of our landscape has been shaped or defined in some way by the history of our islands and our people. The landscape itself started as a natural canvas after the last Ice Age, upon which our story has been painted over the millennia and in many layers, and continues to be painted to this day.

Landscape architects tend to see the landscape as a continuum, stretching back into the past and forwards into the future. For these reasons, we are sensitive to our heritage but creative in our outlook.  We recognise the need to conserve, but are aware that many apparently rural landscapes have, in the past, been the setting of industry and commerce. Landscape character is defined by the interplay of natural elements and man's many interventions, which continue to take place. We note and appreciate the general recognition, amongst heritage agencies, that pickled heritage is far less useful than land management which respects and shares our common heritage, whilst creating a viable future.

Why 2B?

Change in the landscape, such as development, requires arbitration with, and interpretation of, our heritage.

Whether you require design, interpretation or assessment of a historic landscape, 2B has the approach, sensitivity, expertise and experience to meet your needs, so please get in touch to discuss your project.

2B was very enthusiastic about the project and happy to discuss all the possible restoration options and assist in deciding the best approach. They demonstrated a willingness to listen and to fully understand the complexity of the project. 2B was flexible in finding a sympathetic and responsive approach to the restoration project. We would have no hesitation in using their services again and would recommend them to any other potential clients.
Estate Manager, Burnby Hall Gardens