Why is landscape vital to education?

A beautiful landscape is a welcoming place to play and learn.  A learning landscape offers myriad opportunities for exciting extensions to the curriculum. Every subject can make use of outdoor learning - maths, english, science, art, geography, history - creative opportunities readily spring to mind.

Studies have also shown that physical development is essential for mental and academic development. 'Play' is a vital form of learning and social development. At the very least, the outdoor classroom is a refreshing alternative to the indoor one!

Involvement in all stages of the change process creates the maximum learning opportunities and a lifelong appreciation of design quality and spatial experience.

Why 2B?

We believe that a top quality outdoor environment is fundamental to an effective education - from the nursery playground to the college sports team. 2B has the expertise to help you deliver a sustainable, enjoyable and safe educational space.

We like to engage with as many members of the school community as possible (students, staff, parents, governors, caretakers and grounds maintenance) in design and implementation stages. This creates a sense of pride and ownership, and ensures that the design responds to the needs of the school community rather than being an imposed solution.

If you share our passion about the importance of the landscape setting of education, and the social and curriculum opportunities it offers, do please get in touch

I just wanted to say thank you to you for yesterday’s session. The participants commented that it was great to see what could be done in a school and I think some of them were inspired to start changing their school grounds. I really appreciate the time you spent preparing and delivering the session.
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