An overview of Landscape Design

Landscape design is unique amongst the design disciplines, in that it requires a deep understanding of living elements and their effect in the fourth dimension - time.

We often say that our landscapes look at their least impressive when they are new, but will mature into something beautiful over time. An architect usually has precisely the opposite concern - buildings look great on day one and go downhill from there!

Of course, it is not as simple as that, and long-term management and day-to-day maintenance have a vital role to play in ensuring the successful establishment of any design scheme over time.

Why 2B?

Landscape design may include such elements as earthworks, hardworks (paving and boundary details) and softworks (such as planting plans).

More importantly, 2B arranges these elements for you, through master planning, to meet the aims of green infrastructure, with principles such as sustainable drainage at the forefront of the design process.

We do this in a fully integrated fashion, using the unique skills and knowledge of the landscape architect.

Just want to say thank you again for the fantastic turnaround and product. No doubt we will be working closely in the future.
GGP Consult