Gardens are hugely influential on our daily lives.

They are your personal landscape and outdoor living space, so they should respond to your desires, personality and the uses you demand of them.

Why 2B?

We have experience in garden design for all scales - from small back yards, to historic public gardens. We design, rather than build, and can help you to identify and manage suitable contractors.

Whatever the scale or nature of your garden, be it public or private, we can help to ensure that your dream becomes a reality (even in the British weather!). We take into account considerations such as structures, drainage, sunlight, shadow patterns and of course, wildlife! We always consider the functions you need and deserve from your garden, and can provide support with planning and statutory issues if needed.

Long-term success will be influenced by your ability to commit to management and maintenance. Maintenance can be minimised, but nothing is totally maintenance free! We will consult with you carefully, to understand how you plan to use your garden. The design will be tailored to you, taking into account your desired level of maintenance, post-completion.

Understanding Your Needs

To fully understand your requirements, we recommend that we make an initial visit (for a fee of £50/hour plus mileage) when we can discuss your garden wishes and make some initial suggestions. After that we will prepare a fee proposal, to set out options such as sketch designs, visuals, and construction details. (2B is VAT registered and all services are therefore subject to VAT.)

Having a well-designed and accessible outdoor space will bring you happiness, health and profit in the long term and deserves as much investment as any indoor room. The benefit of quality outdoor space is becoming more recognised, and desired, both within the public and private realms. Properties with well-designed outdoor spaces are more attractive to both residents and prospective purchasers.

The value of a beautiful garden should not be underestimated - it provides an oasis for you to share with your friends and family.

Added Benefits

Thinking more holistically, gardens are also vitally important national landscapes, collectively accounting for around 25 percent of the land within our towns and cities (Source: RHS). This equates to around 4300 square kilometres of vital green space across the UK.

Recent concerns, about decline of birds, bees and other wildlife, have highlighted the important role that well-designed, planted gardens have in maintaining urban biodiversity.

So, whilst your garden will meet all of your functional and design aspirations, it will also provide a better environment for all types of wildlife. And there is nothing quite like wildlife to bring your garden alive!

Typical Process

The planning stage of the process is extremely important.and the process should not be rushed.  It is important to get issues resolved on paper before the diggers move on site!   In the long run, it can save unnecessary expenditure. 

As soon as you are starting to think about developing your garden, it is a good idea to get in touch.  We are always happy to have an initial chat to help clarify your ideas and then wait until you are in a position to take the project further.  

You will need to allow several weeks from initial contact to finished product. This allows time to make considered decisions and tailor a design to suit you.

Our tried and tested process will result in a unique garden that we are confident you will be delighted with, and can enjoy watching grow for years to come.

1.  Initial Meeting with Clients - on site to discuss all the issues and gain a full understanding of their aspirations

2.  Fee Quotation - once we have a clear understanding of the requirements, we can then provide a fee quotation.

3.  Survey - we carry out our own detailed photographic survey and assessment.  Depending upon requirements and complexity we might recommend that a topographic survey be undertaken to inform the design plan.

4.  Sketch Alternatives - The survey information, together with our assessment and the client's aspirations, form the basis of the production of sketch alternatives.

5.  Client Meeting - to discuss alternative options and agree the final approach.

6.  Final Drawing  - following agreement of the approach, the final drawing(s) are produced that can be used to guide the development of the project.

7.  Next Steps - this will depend on how the project is to proceed.  It might be that you wish to build everything yourself or you might prefer to get a contractor involved for all or part of the construction. We are able to advise on contractors, produce contract documents and drawings, and even manage the contract - depending on your requirements.   We are always happy to work with you and guide you as much or as little as you want.


2B was very enthusiastic about the project and happy to discuss all the possible restoration options and assist in deciding the best approach. They demonstrated a willingness to listen and to fully understand the complexity of the project. 2B was flexible in finding a sympathetic and responsive approach to the restoration project. We would have no hesitation in using their services again and would recommend them to any other potential clients.
Estate Manager, Burnby Hall Gardens