Why Panoramas?

They say the camera never lies. We say it lies every time, for the simple reason that no single-frame view of the world can ever come close to capturing our "wide-angle" experience of our surroundings. However, photographs are best option we have for capturing images of the world around us, and are taken for granted as a means of visual communication.

Panoramas take photography a step forward, by providing a "wide-angle" view of the world, closer to our own visual perception - at least, now, you can see what is to the left, right and behind - as well as in front - of the camera!

360-degree panoramas can be effectively presented in web browsers and consequently offer many possibilities for conveying information and experience:-

  • Full 360 horizontal by 180 degree vertical views;
  • Accessed via Google Maps interface - see Olympic Park.
  • Linked sequences of views, as with Somerset WAVE;
  • Enhancement of site photography and presentation - for example they convey the context of the visual and cumulative impact assessments for Tansterne Power Station.

Quite simply, that's stunning!
Environment Agency Project Manager, Somerset WAVE