Energy and the Landscape

Energy projects include generation (wind, solar, biomass, anaerobic digestion) as well as the transmission and distribution of power. They can range from large projects like wind farms and overhead lines, to domestic scales, but all can have important effects upon their locality.  They invariably require careful consideration as to siting and an understanding of the impacts created by their installation. The Energy sector recognises, better than most, that landscape architects are ideally placed to assist them in the assessment and design of their infrastructure.

Why 2B?

We have experience in working on a wide range of energy projects, including: renewable energy visualisation in wind, solar farms, biomass (straw and willow coppice) and anaerobic digestion plants. We have also been involved in large and small power line routeing projects since the early 90's, and more recently have worked on planning applications for CCGT STOR projects.

The range of our capabilities, such as assessment, visualisation and design, are ideally suited to providing the Energy Sector with the support it needs during the planning and implementation of energy infrastructure.

Whether you are a community group, consultant, energy company or individual, 2B can work with you through the whole planning process, so please contact us - details at the top of the page.

I can say openly that the service provided was of the very highest standard, not simply in terms of technical competence but also in the level of collaboration and understanding that was essential to completing a major project within exceptionally demanding schedules. We could not have done it without such professional support. I’ll be happy to praise your work to anyone at any time. Regards and sincere thanks.
Co-ordinator, The Rapid Technology Transfer Group