Landscape Tender and Contract Management

Whilst larger, multi-disciplinary projects may require project managers and cost consultants, landscape design - like architecture - can involve smaller projects where the designer is capable of carrying out all of the cost, tender and contract management duties.  


These can be produced from sketch or detailed designs to provide cost guidance. Of course, estimates are only ever that - estimates - but they can be simple or sophisticated, as the project requires.

Landscape Tender Documents

Tender documents bring together all the detailed design drawings into one package, together with materials specifications, bill of quantities and a form of contract. Detailed drawings can be produced to cover spatial arrangements and construction issues.

Why produce Tender Documents?

The tender documents provide the client and tenderers with:-

  • a clearly understood and comparable tender
  • reliable, up-to-date specifications using NBS Landscape
  • known quantities, because we use industry-standard measurement methods
  • a known form of contract covering the main issues likely to arise in landscape work
  • cost management prior to the tender being issued and throughout the tender and contract process

Landscape Contract Management

Upon selection of the successful tenderer, the tender documents - particularly the Bill of Quantities and Form of Contract - set up the cost management system for the contract. This is supported by Architects' Instructions, Valuations and Certificates.

Site inspection

The site will usually be inspected and reviewed at progress meetings, to ensure quality of implementation and adherence to programme.

Achieve the best scheme

In summary, contract financial management and site inspection by the landscape designer looks after the client's interests and ensures that the scheme is built as intended.

You went the extra mile - and it shows in the final result.
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