Bill Blackledge, BA DipLA CMLI

Bill has been a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute since 1988 and has a broad range of experience within both public and private sector. Public sector work has included community landscapes, housing, and public open space design. Private sector work has been for clients from local and government authorities, to private developers and utilities; including housing, retail developments, transport planning, transmission line routeing, reclamation, and landscape and environmental assessment. Since 1983, he has worked for: Leeds City Council; Hull City Council; and as a landscape architect and then a partner of a regional landscape practice. His interest in Sustainable Drainage and Green Infrastructure stems from a desire to see Landscape Architects adopt a vital functional role, to compliment the profession's aesthetic tradition.

Bill has served on the Landscape Institute Yorkshire+Humber Branch as both Chair and Branch Rep to the LI Advisory Council. Having completed a term as Chair of the LI Professional Review Group for Leeds Metropolitan University's accredited landscape courses, Bill now serves as vice-chair of the LI's Technical Committee and as the Committee's representative to Advisory Council. He is taking a leading role in the production of LI visualisation guidance, landscape-led planning policy and a matrix of Green Infrastructure benefits.

Bill was rewarded and recognised for his significant contribution to Landscape Institute and the wider industry by winning the Landscape Institute's 'Volunteer of the Year' Award in November 2019.

He has recently co-founded West Wolds Slow The Flow, which aims to reduce flooding in the West Wolds villages and surrounding areas using nature-based solutions.

Elizabeth Blackledge, BA(Hons) DipLA CMLI

Elizabeth has been a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute since 2012. Work experience with Kirklees Metropolitan Council included leisure, industrial and environmental improvement work. Whilst raising a family, Elizabeth completed some twenty varied garden design commissions. Since the inception of 2B Landscape Consultancy, she has been involved in the design and implementation of a range of landscape projects including hard and soft landscape design, specification and contract management. She has managed numerous landscape and visual impact assessments and tends to take the lead on garden, school and historic landscape design projects.

Elizabeth served LI Yorkshire+Humber Branch from 2000 to 2010; from 2005 as Honorary Secretary and webmaster. She allows Bill and Amanda to spend far too much on LI business.

She has recently co-founded West Wolds Slow The Flow, which aims to reduce flooding in the West Wolds villages and surrounding areas using nature-based solutions.

Amanda McDermott, BA(Hons) MLA CMLI

Amanda has been a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute since 2014 and is a creative and committed landscape architect. Throughout her time at university, she was a leading light in the Student Landscape Institute Council (SLIC) and the Landscape Institute Yorkshire & Humber Branch (LIYHB). Having served as a Student Representative and then a Licentiate Representative to the Landscape Institute Advisory Council, she was then successful in being elected to Council (without portfolio, but always with something to say). She also served on the Landscape Journal editorial panel for 10 years.

Her qualifications and work experience include architecture and landscape, and her landscape studies and subsequent work experience include landscape character and landscape and visual assessment, as well as landscape design at all scales. Her software abilities include advanced CAD, Graphics, Office and GIS.

She is a founding trustee of Slow the Flow Calderdale, which was awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service in 2021.

Hannah Clark, BA(Hons)

Fresh out of university, Hannah is a promising Landscape Architecture undergraduate with hopes of making her mark on the industry. From her farming roots to her work as a seasonal customer advisor at B&Q, Hannah's passion for and understanding of plants and agriculture runs more than skin deep. Whilst at university, Hannah acted as Course Ambassador for Landscape and shared insights with many prospective landscape architecture students on open days and interview days.

Hannah is currently under the expert tutelage of the 2B team, learning to use software such as SketchUp and CorelDRAW. Hannah has been a student member of the Landscape Institute with an ambition to reach the lofty heights of her colleagues in the future.

We are very grateful that you were able to give your time to contribute to what was a particularly successful and well-received ‘Away Day’. I found your presentation on the way multi-purpose green infrastructure can be realised, and your ideas about SUDS, particularly thought-provoking, and I know from the feedback I have received since that many others enjoyed it too.
Interim Head of Planning, East Riding Council