Why landscape for Healthcare?

The importance of the external environment in the recuperation process has been recognised instinctively for decades. One of the best-known examples dates back to just after WW2, when Dr Ludwig Guttman created his now world-famous 'games' at Stoke Mandeville. In doing so, he forged a direct path to the modern Paralympics. This was not just a recognition of the importance of exercise, but also the healing power of outdoor space.

High quality landscape is an essential part of caring for health. CABE's guide to good healthcare design states:

A patient-centred healthcare building should extend its concern for patients beyond its walls by trying to provide well-managed public open space in which pedestrians are given priority over cars, even at rural surgeries where car parking is essential.

There is an increasing body of evidence that nature can offer more than simply a pleasant setting for healthcare; it can also contribute directly to reducing stress and pain, and speeding recovery. Work led by the American academic Roger Ulrich has shown that 'simply viewing nature' produced 'a constellation of positive emotional and physiological changes' in patients. Moreover, 'hospital gardens not only provide restorative or calming nature views but can also reduce stress and improve outcomes through other mechanisms - for instance, fostering access to social support and providing opportunities for positive escape and sense of control with respect to stressful clinical settings.'

Why 2B?

We believe profoundly in the healing power of landscape and the sense of well-being which can only exist when we are close to nature.

Whether you are seeking a design for a doctor's surgery, hospital, sensory garden or residential care home, 2B can help you to achieve an excellent, restorative setting.

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