Landscape and Community

When development proposals are determined by external factors such as function and cost, there may be a recognition of the importance of consulting with communities to both inform them and obtain their views. 

In recent years, the term Community Engagement has come to the fore, where the aim is to actively involve the local community in the design process. Many years ago, we were told that: "sense of community is in direct proportion to people's ability to influence their environment".  So if we, as developers or community leaders, want community backing for our projects, we have to do more than just inform and obtain comment.  We must engage, whether we consider engagement to be part of the process, or the very essence of a community-led project.

You may believe in 'big society' - or just that society itself is at the heart of our human existence.  But community engagement is the process by which local people become part of the design process, and thereby part of the solution.

Expert advice to realise community vision

There is a special pleasure in working with a community to provide the solution they are looking for - but there are also special challenges. Our role is to be both creative and technical partners who can help to visualise, communicate and enable the realisation of a community's vision.

This may mean working with you to develop a brief or create planning documents, or could involve a collaborative design process. Whatever your needs, 2B can assist.

As you can see from the case studies, 2B has helped with a wide range of projects. Please get in touch to discuss yours!