Why does landscape matter to development?

Landscape is the setting in which development takes place. It is the context that your development occupies, the place from which it is seen, the first impression your visitor gets.

Some professions have difficulty thinking 'outside of the box'. Landscape architects have a wider perspective on your project - trained from the beginning of their career to consider the importance of landscape context.

The latest approaches to construction procurement - Building Information Modelling (BIM) in particular - recognise the importance of collaborative cross-disciplinary working from an early stage in the project, in order to reduce both costs and carbon emissions. When HM Government (such as the Ministry of Justice, responsible for all the UK's prison stock) says it is insisting on systematic collaboration to reduce waste, costs and carbon, the rest of us should take note!

Why 2B?

We are natural supporters of early collaboration, because effective site design is unlikely to happen without consideration by landscape architects of factors like: context, season, views in and out, effective use of site assets such as trees, micro-climate, and water-sensitive design. This should happen long before site and building design commences.

We can help you at every stage, from the initial tasks of site selection and visual impact assessment, to implementing complex designs on the ground and coordinating with interdisciplinary teams.

Please get in touch - as early in the project as possible!

In addition to the generation of multiple LVIAs, 2B Landscape Consultancy provided considerable assistance to Network Rail in formulating an inclusive stakeholder framework and process to harness the support and expertise of relevant statutory authorities which has proved effective for Network Rail in conflict avoidance.
Senior Sponsor (Great Western Electrification), Network Rail


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