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Barca, Barca!
Oct 24th, 2011
2B joined the LI North East branch for a trip to Barcelona, where good design is a way of life.
Mapping the canyons of your mind...
Jul 21st, 2011
To-do list software that goes boldly where no mindmap has gone before.
2B provides planting design for Hull Greenport enabling works
Jul 21st, 2011
Our site survey findings were used to inform the planting design for a local footpath.
What can you do in 9 years?
Aug 25th, 2010
Photographic observation of a local planting scheme's development over time.
Environmental Assessment and Planning Policy - where it all falls down
Apr 25th, 2010
Bill argues that changes too small to require official scruntiny can be just as harmful as large 'EIA' projects when inadequately managed interventions accumulate.
P2C gets serious
Mar 27th, 2010
"P2C" is shorthand for Pathway To Chartership, the Landscape Institute's professional qualification system.
Mar 21st, 2010
An insight into how we protect our inboxes to beat spam emails.
Manic Time
Feb 22nd, 2010
Over the years I have searched for and tried many solutions for logging time spent on projects, admin tasks etc.
First post - new blog pages added to 2B website
Jan 25th, 2010
Welcome to our blog - we'll be keeping you posted!