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An introduction to Natural Flood Management (NFM) Techniques
Oct 8th, 2021
An introduction to Natural Flood Management Techniques, for West Wolds Slow the Flow & Slow The Flow Calderdale
SuDS Myth Buster Series
Aug 3rd, 2021
We’ve gathered together some of the most common misconceptions about Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) that were included in Chris Griffith’s Landscape Institute webinar on SuDS myths.
Greener Recovery: ​Sustainability and nature within development
Jul 14th, 2021
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were discussed with enthusiasm in several sessions across the week. Landscape Professionals must find a balance, respecting people as well as biodiversity.
Greener Recovery: professional and collaborative working
Jun 10th, 2021
Communicating effectively is becoming ever more important if we are going to successfully deliver on all the climate and biodiversity related mitigation issues that are needed.
​The playful aspect of the Greener Recovery Festival
May 17th, 2021
"Children are a kind of indicator species. If we can build a successful city for children, we will have a successful city for all people.” (Enrique Penalosa, former Mayor of Bogota).
​Our Favourite Greener Recovery Projects
Apr 15th, 2021
Over the course of the Festival, we were impressed by the variety and ingenuity of the projects showcased. Whilst everyone presented thought-provoking and inspiring work, there were some standout projects that we all agreed deserved a mention.
​Greener Recovery: A Chairing Experience
Mar 27th, 2021
The team all attended the LI Greener Recovery Festival and wanted to share our thoughts. We have created a series of blog posts detailing the event through our eyes. It was Bill's first time chairing at an online conference, and fascinating to experience the amount of preparation and hard work that takes place in the background to make these things run smoothly.
Big Ticket Giveaway!
Feb 21st, 2021
2B has 2 FREE tickets to the #GreenerRecovery #LICPDDAY 22-26th March, to share with deserving colleagues. Entries close midnight 7th March.
Slow The Flow successes
Dec 16th, 2020
A reflection on Slow The Flow's recent successes, encouraging Natural Flood Management and Sustainable Drainage Systems in response to flooding in Calderdale.
New rules for SuDS adoption
Sep 23rd, 2020
Amanda takes a detailed look at the new 'sewers for adoption' guidance, in a piece for Slow The Flow.