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Acoustic Fencing - seen and heard!
18 Dec 2019 18:46     A+ | a-
When a local couple told us that the noise from an A-road adjacent to their garden was driving them mad, we knew what to do.  Here's the story.

Road Rage

The noise from the A63 made our client's garden all but unusable.  When they asked if we could help, we were able to refer to past experience of reducing noise from a skate park by installing an acoustic barrier. 

One of the most reliable fencing companies in the UK is Jackson's Fencing. We knew that they had suitable products, but we brought in acoustic specialists Sharps Redmore to establish what size and performance ratings would be needed. They recommended a 3m high fence, wrapping around the garden, which needed planning permission.  

Fence plan

Fence elevation

We produced plans, elevations and 3D views of the fencing and documents, acted as agents for our clients and subsequently obtained planning approval.

We then organised local landscape contractors Landmark Yorkshire Ltd to install the fence.  

Fence photo
The fence installed

Apart from the fact that the fence looks fabulous, the noise results are impressive. 

Below are the waveforms of two recordings.  The upper row shows the noise from the road without the fence, the lower one is the reduced noise with the fence: 15 seconds without fence, 15 seconds with fence, followed by a further 15 seconds without and with the fence.

Fence recording
Noise recordings without and with the fence - the lower recordings are visibly quieter

And here is what it sounds like, again: 15 seconds (with introduction) without fence, 15 seconds (with introduction) with fence, followed by a further 15 seconds without and with the fence.  Please note that these are only phone recordings so are in no way scientific (phones have auto-gain control) but they do, at least, give a relative indication of the level difference.

Although the noise cannot be removed entirely, it has been reduced substantially in volume and its characteristic is more even, without the disturbing high-level roars of larger vehicles passing.  Pretty impressive, we think you will agree.

Bill Blackledge, BA DipLA CMLI
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