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2B Signs #LandscapeArchitectsDeclare
17 Jan 2020 17:00     A+ | a-

2B Landscape Consultancy has declared a Climate & Biodiversity Emergency.

There is a global climate and biodiversity emergency. We have around a decade to implement significant changes to prevent the risk of global catastrophic damage to our natural world. Landscape Architects face the challenge of meeting the needs of our society whilst protecting the earth's climate and ecological landscape.

By signing #LandscapeArchitectsDeclare petition, we hope that the raised awareness and collaborative agreement will strengthen our working practices to create positive landscape architecture outcomes that conserve and enhance the natural and built environment.

Such a transformation cannot happen without a wider united commitment from the global construction and built environment industry. 'UK Landscape Architects Declare' is part of the global #ConstructionDeclares which unites Landscape Architects, Architects, Engineers, Planners, Surveyors, Developers, Academics and more.

Landscape Architects Declare

Landscape Institute Climate & Biodiversity Emergency

Back in June 2019, the Landscape Institute (LI) was one of the first professional membership organisations to declare a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency . This declaration has inspired the profession to take action.

Landscape Institute Logo

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UK Landscape Architects Declare:
Construction Declares:
Landscape Institute Climate & Biodiversity Emergency:

By Cara Pedley, BA (Hons), MA
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