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Using Landscape Architecture to Benefit Our Communities - Woodland
10 May 2023 12:58     A+ | a-

Working as project manager on the playground project didn't quite quench my need to do something within the community. I decided to step it up another level this time, and after seeing a post about someone wanting to start up a charity focused on woodland planting in my local area, I decided to offer the knowledge that my undergraduate degree and year of working for 2B has given me.

A small group of interested people was assembled and invited down to the local pub for a discussion on what skills we could offer, and where we wanted to see the charity group go, back in Dec 2021. This meeting got us all set on the idea, a name was chosen, logo discussed and to start the new year off we drew up a constitution, which was signed and we were officially trustees by the end of January 2022. This is where the North Lincolnshire Woodland Trust (NLWT) began.

The idea behind the Trust came about due to the lack of local community spaces that allowed interaction with nature. The limited availability of this really was emphasized by the COVID-19 pandemic. Natural Flood Management is another key driver, as flooding is a frequent issue in Kirton in Lindsey. A large area of non-permeable surfaces has been created by the recent and extending housing developments - something needs to be done to try and ease the flooding problems caused by this lack of integrated Green Infrastructure. The wider boundary of the Northern Forest schemes covers North Lincolnshire; however, our area is not covered by one of the key community forests involved in the Northern Forest - so there are fewer people getting involved with tree planting here. We want to encourage more people to get involved in their local communities. We all need to play our part in trying to mitigate climate change, and also to improve the biodiversity within our local areas - this is how we are choosing to play our part.

Woodland with bluebells

Since setting up the NLWT, we have been in contact with a local landowner who is keen for their land to be sold and used for the community, rather than end up as another housing estate. We are also working closely with the Town Council to see what other land is available in the local area and what funding they could put towards the cause. We are working on an approach to further landowners, to see if they would be willing to get involved in our bigger vision, whilst talking to local schools to come up with a plan to educate students, and get them involved in planting trees in smaller spaces too.

Fundraising is our main aim in our first year, to secure the tools we need to operate and spread the word to a range of community groups and landowners to get involved and work with us. Some of our members have even been brave enough to sign up to jump out of a plane in September! Until then we are working on getting the word out about our Trust, and what we are aiming to do.

By Hannah Clark

(We are not associated with The Woodland Trust)

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