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2B or not 2B
16 Jul 2012 9:37     A+ | a-
Amanda's appointment is also a measure of our healthy workload and our confidence that it will be sustained. Renewable energy projects are currently top of the list (particularly LVIA and ZTV), but we also see an increasing requirement for sustainable landscape expertise, incorporating skills in sustainable drainage, green infrastructure and permaculture.

These are landscape-based responses to some of the most critical issues before us: climate change adaptation, loss of biodiversity, water management, peak oil, and fuel and food poverty.

Even for the great majority who don't recognise these titles and their implications, the issues are increasingly manifested in upsetting news reports, and the constantly-rising costs of food and energy.  Not to mention the weird weather!  In our view, landscape design has the potential to move way beyond its traditional roots in the aesthetic, and is poised to provide a vital and substantive response to profound global and local issues.

If this is a journey you would like to share with our now-even-better-qualified-and-expanded (and ever-so-enthusiastic) team, do please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.
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