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Floriade 2012
05 Oct 2012 14:57     A+ | a-

The Dutch Floriade is a great landscape design and (horti)-cultural event. The Floriade is designed and implemented every ten years at different locations around the Netherlands, always with the aim of creating lasting, sustainable open spaces and development opportunities.

We were impressed by every aspect of the experience - the landscape structure which exploits existing woodland and water features; the recognition of the importance of horticulture to the Dutch economy, reflected in the highest standards of horticultural practice throughout; and the superb quality of design from masterplan to each individual garden and space. 

There was a wonderful atmosphere, too much to get around in a day, and hundreds of stunning photographs to be had - here’s a selection...

Floriade cable car aerial view
A Cable Car ride over the park helped us to understand the scale of the Floriade, and gave our feet a rest!

 Floriade moss heads
Everywhere we turned, fun and clever design teamed with stunning planting

Floriade sustainable design
Sustainability is high on the Dutch agenda - and they achieve it so elegantly

Floriade trim trail
We all enjoyed the trim trail through the woods

Floriade detail
Beautiful details abound

Floriade knitted tree cosy
A colourful woolly jumper for a tree...

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