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P2C gets serious
27 Mar 2010 0:44     A+ | a-

"P2C" is shorthand for Pathway To Chartership, the Landscape Institute's professional qualification system.  The Landscape Institute Yorkshire and Humber Branch (LIYHB) hosts and runs P2C workshops twice a year. 

We quite often help out by way of "giving something back" to the profession. Also, it is the best CPD (continuous professional development) you can imagine - to have bunch of young enthusiastic candidates giving you their understanding of the Chartership syllabus.  They may be lacking experience, but are often studying and up-to-date with planning policy changes, contract rules etc - it's a great way to keep in touch with changes!  

The last seminar in Sheffield was a treat, though.  Despite his limited experience, a bright young candidate was trying to deal with the fearsome Andrew Bannister's line of questioning on pre-contract health and safety procedures.  "Yes, but what have we missed off the list?" barked Andrew.  "Come on, you must know this!"  Blank looks all round...  "What's the magic word I'm looking for?...."  The young man ventured a tentative reply: "Erm..... Abracadabra?"

The magic word was in fact "CDM" (Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007) although many enjoyed the Abracadabra answer better. Not Andrew though. Regaining his composure, he wagged his finger.  "Very funny... don't try giving that answer in the exam!"

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