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Work starts clearing the rock garden at Burnby Hall Gardens
07 Dec 2016 17:03     A+ | a-
What a difference already!

It is early days of clearance work at Burnby Gardens, for the HLF funded rock garden restoration project , and local contractors Landmark have made a running start. A lot of the large trees have disappeared in the first couple of days, already transforming the gloomy, shady space into a bright and open landscape, where you can see the rocks!

These 'before' and 'during' shots speak for themselves (you can see the distinctive large rock, to the right of the contractor in the second photo, is in both pictures). Look out for the 'after' photos (we might update you before then - the 'finished' product is still a year or so away!)

Overgrown Rock Garden at Burnby Gardens
Image: Overgrown Rock Garden at Burnby Gardens

Clearance work for the rock garden restoration has begun!
Image: Clearance work for the 'Backhouse of York' rock garden restoration has begun!

By Elizabeth Blackledge CMLI
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